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Starlit Shores Room & Linen Spray

Starlit Shores Room & Linen Spray

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Escape to Starlit Shores: Coming Soon

Close your eyes and inhale the invigorating essence of a warm summer night by the ocean with Starlit Shores. This captivating fragrance is a complex masculine accord, expertly blended to transport you to a secluded coastline bathed in moonlight.

Top notes of bergamot, lemon-lime, and grapefruit create a burst of citrusy freshness, reminiscent of a gentle sea breeze dancing through the air. As the fragrance unfolds the intoxicating blend of amber and sandalwood meet and the sweet and woodsy aromas envelop you, evoking the irresistible allure of an evening stroll on a pristine beach. A touch of cardamom adds a subtle spice, while a captivating aroma of fresh, ozonic ocean air ties the fragrance together, creating a truly immersive experience.

  • 4 oz Odor Absorbing Room + Linen Spray

Starlit Shores is the perfect spray for:

  1. Creating a relaxing and invigorating atmosphere in your home.
  2. Evoking memories of cherished summer nights by the ocean.
  3. Setting the mood for a romantic evening or a moment of quiet contemplation.
  4. Gifting to the special man in your life who appreciates sophisticated scents.

Spray Starlit Shores and let the calming embrace of the ocean wash over you, as the stars twinkle above.

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More details:

  • Net Weight: 4 oz Bottle
  • Care Instructions: Shake bottle before each use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Spray on fabrics or in the air. Spray away from face. Keep bottle stored upright to prevent leakage.
  • Certifications: 95% Natural, Paraben and Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils, Cruelty-Free

This natural odor eliminating room spray is hydra-based, utilizing reverse osmosis and deionization technology, and formulated to effectively neutralize and remove offensive back odors. It leaves no residue behind when over-saturation does not occur, although we highly recommend using very sparingly on hardwood floors. It can also be sprayed onto linens and upholstery. An ideal choice for use in households, vehicles, and businesses. 

Odor Eliminating Technology - this spray does more than just your typical room spray currently available. Most sprays simply "mask" various back odors, causing overall poor performance and less than desirable outcomes. Our spray utilizes state of the art, commercial grade naturally derived odor attacking enzymes to neutralize and absorb a wide variety of undesired back odors such as smoke, sweat, pet odor, bathroom odors, trash and more! 

Primary/Active Ingredients: RO/DI Water, DEG Monobuytl Ether, Natural Odor Absorbing Enzymes, Fragrance Oils

Note: The identity of the specific components of this mixture is proprietary information and is regarded to be a trade secret, in accordance with Paragraph 1910.1200 of Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations

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